Mix and Match Sandwiches


Mix and Match Sandwiches

Create your own custom sandwich platter by selecting from the choices below.

Please note there is a 5 sandwich minimum.


Deli Meats

Kellerman's Favorite $18

Pastrami, corned beef and turkey w/
russian dressing and coleslaw on seeded rye.

The Jerry Lewis $16

Triple Decker of thinly sliced roast turkey, cole slaw, swiss cheese & russian dressing on rye.

The Bungalow Club $16

The Bungalow Club-Triple decker, turkey, bacon, & swiss on rye toast w/ lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo.

Salads on Rye

Chicken Salad $11

Egg salad $10

Tuna Salad $12

Sliced Fish

The Pines $16

The Pines-Pastrami cured salmon, honey mustard, horseradish cream cheese and red onion on toasted caraway seeded rye

Grossinger's $17

Grossinger's-Gaspe nova with scallion or plain cream cheese on a plain bagel.

The Nevele $17

The Nevele-House-cured gravlax with butter, red onion, tomato, capers and lemon juice on a toasted bialy